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My priorities for House District 42 include strengthening our public schools, ensuring continued economic growth and vibrancy for our neighborhoods, and cultivating a climate for ongoing fiscal strength and stability for all residents, families, and businesses in the district. I will work to improve transit options for our community and across metro Atlanta. I will represent you with dedication, and will provide responsive, accessible, and transparent leadership for House District 42.


Families in HD42 deserve the best K-12 schools, as well as access to free, universal pre-K at their neighborhood schools. We must fight for HOPE to ensure that all Georgians have access to the best college and technical training opportunities. Our families will succeed when the quality of our schools continues to improve, and businesses will continue to grow and relocate here if we have a well-trained workforce.

Economic Vitality & Fiscal Strength

HD 42 is a diverse and vibrant district that is home to people from across the economic and cultural spectrum, and to businesses that range from the Atlanta Braves to family-owned small businesses and retailers. We are home to the fastest-growing parts of Cobb County – which means that we are one of the fastest-growing parts of Georgia. HD 42 residents deserve access to quality employment that pays a fair, living wage, and we must continue to provide a climate that creates job opportunities for all residents.


HD42 is thriving – but access to transit is the missing link, and it hinders the district’s quality of life and economic competitiveness. A robust, efficient, and comprehensive regional transit network means shorter and less-expensive commutes, and access to a greater variety of jobs – which means less money spent on child care, and increased economic stability for women and families.


We all try to make the best healthcare decisions for our families, and cost and access to care continues to be a burden for too many families. The national healthcare discussion changes daily, but what remains clear is the Georgia Legislature must compassionately and thoughtfully ensure that all Georgians have affordable access to the care they need.


Dobbins Air Reserve Base is home to the Air Force, the National Guard, and Lockheed Martin’s Marietta operations. Dobbins supports an estimated 20,000 jobs and has a $1 billion annual economic impact. It is critical to disaster response in the southeastern United States, and supports the CDC’s incident command unit.