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Marietta Daily Journal - January 6, 2018

“I think the real reason became very apparent at one of the hearings for the RFRA bill during the session,” said state Rep. Teri Anulewicz, D-Smyrna. “There was a committee hearing and one member wanted to add a non-discrimination clause to which another member responded, ‘Well if you add that clause it kind of undermines the purpose of the bill.’ … Well, what then is the purpose of the bill? … To discriminate.”

Marietta Daily Journal - January 4, 2018

Anulewicz called transit her “baby” and said it will be her top priority for the session. “I think it has to be regional,” she said. “I really do, I don’t think it can be piecemeal... I think there needs to be some kind of cohesiveness when it comes to transit.”

Marietta Daily Journal - December 23, 2017

A familiar face on Smyrna’s City Council for nearly a decade, State Rep. Teri Anulewicz, D-Smyrna, said improving transportation is her top priority when she takes her seat at the Gold Dome next month.

Cobb County Courier - September 16, 2017

Teri Anulewicz, a Democrat, was the sole candidate to qualify for a special election for Georgia House District 42, meaning she will win the seat without opposition Nov. 7 barring an unlikely write-in campaign.

Marietta Daily Journal - September 15, 2017

Former Smyrna Councilwoman Teri Anulewicz was the only person to qualify for the race to replace former state Rep. Stacey Evans, D-Smyrna, who resigned earlier this year to run for governor.

Atlanta Journal-Constitution - September 7, 2017

As a Democrat, Anulewicz has filed paperwork to run for the House District 42 post left vacant when Smyrna attorney and Democrat Stacey Evans resigned Sept. 5 to run for governor.

Marietta Daily Journal - September 5, 2017

Smyrna City Councilwoman Teri Anulewicz said she will resign her seat today in order to run for the State House District 42 seat vacated by former Rep. Stacey Evans, D-Smyrna.